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NEW! Room For Doubt Huddles

Local groups that meet periodically to grow in their faith and become better prepared to defend it. Apply to become a “Captain” and start a Huddle in your church, school, or ministry.


NEW! Apologetics Boot Camp (June–July 2021)

FREE apologetics class for teachers in Christian high schools, public schools, homeschools, churches, and camps. Register right away!


“Strengthen Your Faith”

Curriculum to use for classes, small groups, camps, youth groups, and individual study.


“Basic Questions”

A six-week series for church-wide use. Integrated with the fantastic Room For Doubt mobile app.


Address Doubt.
Strengthen Faith.

Room For Doubt seeks to encourage questions, address doubts, and strengthen faith.

Room For Doubt is a collection of resources to aid you and your ministry.

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Basic Questions Curriculum

Discussion Guides • Video Training • Room For Doubt App • Message Manuscripts • And more…

Adult  Discussion  Guide

Part of the Basic Questions Curriculum

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Youth  Discussion  Guide

Part of the Basic Questions Curriculum

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Slipping Through the Cracks: Are Some Lost Who Would Have Been Saved in Different Circumstances? by Associate Director, Dr. Zach Breitenbach

Would a good God allow some people to go to hell due to the bad luck of their circumstances (such as never hearing the gospel)? This book offers a groundbreaking response to this difficult question and addresses other issues concerning God’s goodness and salvation. Purchase this book below!

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Helping bring Biblical answers to big questions
Mark Mittelberg
Garry Poole
Lee Strobel
Dr. Richard Knopp
Dr. Zach Breitenbach