Room For Doubt (R4D) is addressing the growing need among youth and adults, both inside and outside the church, who have sincere questions and doubts about the Christian faith. It seeks to encourage questions, address doubts, and strengthen faith.

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Curriculum and Free App


In addition to our website, R4D has developed a mobile app so you can take our resources wherever you go. You can easily browse or search by topic to find some help with questions and doubts — for yourself or someone else.

We also have a six-week message series and curriculum called “Basic Questions” for churches and other ministries to encourage candid conversations about the Christian faith. The curriculum was produced by notable authors, speakers, and specialists in presenting and defending the Christian faith.

In 2015, a pilot version of the curriculum was written by Mark Mittelberg and Garry Poole.  Lee Strobel contributed a couple of the messages and served as a consultant.  In 2016, it was revised and officially released.  In 2019, significant revisions to the content and layout of the curriculum were made under the direction of Dr. Richard Knopp, Program Director for R4D.  The program also converted to an entirely new website and produced its first mobile app, which greatly improved the way the curriculum is acquired and used.

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Learning Opportunities

for conferences, conventions, camps, schools, and churches


R4D provides a variety of learning experiences.  Various presentations are given at conferences, conventions, camps, schools, and churches by Dr. Rich Knopp, the Program Director. As a Professor at Lincoln Christian University, he also offers a growing number of written and video resources, including online classes that may be taken for personal enrichment or for college or seminary credit.

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Recommended Resources

for church leaders, teens, and young adults


While many good resources are available on the Christian faith (in books, websites, videos), here are some resources that are especially recommended by Room For Doubt. These resources include suggestions for books and websites along with brief descriptions of each item.

  • Resources for Church and Christian Leaders
  • Resources for Teens and Young Adults
  • Resources on Science and the Christian Faith
Recommended Resources

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