“Basic Questions” 6-Week Curriculum Overview

What is it?

“Basic Questions” is a six-week message series and discussion curriculum
 for individual churches, area-wide campaigns, small groups, Christian schools, and campus ministries.  It includes message/sermon manuscripts, an Adult Discussion Guide, a Youth Discussion Guide (high school & college), a number of videos, and other resources.

Who is it for?


The Room For Doubt Series is for those who want to discuss some of the big questions about the Christian faith in an open and honest environment.  It’s for those who have questions and doubts about Christianity and for those who want to help others who have questions and doubts.

Why Use It?


The Series encourages reflection and candid conversations on some of the most important questions of the Christian faith.

  1. Is Doubt Always Bad?
  2. Does God Really Exist?
  3. Isn’t the Bible Full of Myths and Mistakes?
  4. Why Do Christians Say that Jesus is God’s Son?
  5. Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?
  6. Is It Intolerant to Say that Jesus is the Only Way?

As part of the Series, Room For Doubt recommends that a special Q&A event be scheduled that promotes widespread community involvement. If desired, R4D can provide or recommend individuals who can help with such an event.

Adult & Youth Discussion Guides

Why Should My Church, My Ministry, or My Small Group Consider It?

America (and much of the world) lives in a “post-Christian” culture. This partly means that more people live without much, if any, awareness of basic Christian ideas, and they are more prone to be skeptical of them. And those raised in the church increasingly question their Christian heritage. Many studies estimate that about 60% of “churched” youth will not remain active in church in their twenties. 

 In addition, more and more people are not affiliating with any religion. The fastest growing people group in America is now the “NONES”–those who say they don’t identify with any religious group.

Basic Questions: Youth Discussion Guide
Basic Questions: Adult Discussion Guide
Basic Questions: Message 1

Download Samples

Want to take a peek?  Download Message #1 and the Adult and Youth Discussion Guides for Session #1.  When purchased, all six of the Messages are provided in editable format.  The Discussion Guides are provided as PDF’s and can also be accessed with a license key in our Room For Doubt app for iOS and Android devices. (Be sure to download and use our app even if you don’t use our curriculum.)
Sample Youth GuideSample Adult GuideSample Message #1

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Millennial "NONES" (2018-2019)

of millennials in America.
Pew Research Center, 2018-2019

American "NONES" (2018-2019)

people, all ages, in America.
Pew Research Center, 2018-2019

The fastest growing people group in America, the "NONES," who don't identify with any religious group.

More Stats

Churched Doubters & “Dropouts”

David Kinnaman, You Lost Me

Had Significant Doubts

Felt Like Rejecting Parents' Faith

Can't Ask Questions in Church

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Create an atmosphere that invites questions.

The R4D Series will create an atmosphere that invites questions–even doubts–about the Christian faith.  It will offer experiences where you can be honest and open, without intimidation. It will provide opportunities for finding some answers for why you (and others) should consider, or reconsider, the basic claims of the Christian faith.