Series and Session Reviews


One feature of Room For Doubt is its six-week message and discussion series called “Basic Questions.”  The primary contributors to this series include well-known authors and specialists in the area of Christian apologetics.  Mark Mittelberg was particularly involved in writing the messages. Garry Poole crafted the adult and youth discussion guides. Lee Strobel served as a program consultant and contributed a couple of the messages.

Dr. Rich Knopp is the Program Director of Room For Doubt and Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University. He edited the messages and discussion guides and made other content contributions. He also serves as the primary speaker for Room For Doubt presentations at conferences, conventions, and churches.

“Our experience leading more than two dozen churches through a community-wide Room For Doubt campaign–well, it was more beneficial than we hoped…. Our churches (from a variety of ‘tribes’) are poised to work together in even greater ways in the future. Room For Doubt was the catalyst for new days for Christ’s work in our community.”

LEAD PASTOR, First Christian Church, Decatur, IL

“Room For Doubt has been one of the most rewarding, enriching, and life-changing church-wide initiatives we have ever done. Our culture longs for a safe environment where questions can be asked and doubts explored without judgment or condescension. That is exactly what Room For Doubt provides!”

LEAD PASTOR, East 91st St. Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN

“The plan, schedule, and resources available through the Room For Doubt program are outstanding…. I wholeheartedly recommend this program for any congregation seeking to better engage its community and those who are struggling with doubt.”

SENIOR MINISTER, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, IN

“Dr. Rich Knopp came to Northview to present a large-scale presentation to our church family about worldviews. Dr. Knopp was a skilled presenter that captured the attention of our audience and helped educate them, in a relevant and concise way, about how to develop and live a Christian worldview….

The caliber of his content, as well as his presentation style and supporting material, helped our attendees attain the goal of the course—to understand what having a Christian worldview means. Dr. Knopp’s course is still something that our people refer to and remember…. I personally recommend Dr. Knopp and his courses as a great place for any Christians or churches looking to get a better understanding of what it means to have a Christian worldview.”

LEAD PASTOR, Northview Church, Carmel, IN

“Madison Park Christian Church hosted Dr. Richard Knopp for a Room for Doubt apologetics seminar…. The presentations were very engaging. Dr. Knopp’s heart for encouraging and building up the church is abundantly evident, and his expertise speaks for itself. Many who attended expressed that they were thankful to participate in such a high caliber seminar without having to travel far from home or pay a high-ticket price….

The ongoing impact of the seminar has been seen in the conversations that continue to develop. There were also a few people who came to the seminar as skeptics, rarely attending worship services. One of those ladies has been here every Sunday since, and has recently joined a small group. Her husband cites the seminar as a significant turning point for her. What a huge win!”

CONNECT MINISTRY TEAM LEADER, Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL

“Dr. Rich Knopp is a key player in the world of apologetics. Dr. Knopp taught a five-week series on Christian apologetics for our Wednesday program. We experienced record-breaking crowds for our Wednesday study….

Dr. Knopp’s presentation was of the highest quality. Both the handouts and visual media were outstanding. The information presented spoke to the most often objections to the Christian faith in an understandable and applicable manner. I encourage you to listen to this man’s work. Bring friends, neighbors, even people hostile to faith to hear him. They will all come away changed.”

ADULT DISCIPLESHIP MINISTER, Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL

“I want to thank you for developing this Sunday School/ Sermon series. It is wonderful for the church. Almost daily someone will tell me how they are sharing with a co-worker or neighbor. It is causing people to hunt for further information and answers. Our college-age class of students was already asking some of these questions and I had met with them on two separate occasions before us starting this study. The material is a blessing to the church for the dual purpose of evangelism and discipleship.”

SENIOR MINISTER, First Baptist Church, Mattoon, IL