“Strengthen Your Faith” Curriculum


This curriculum is offered to Christian CAMPS FOR FREE (high school & college).  The lessons are also encouraged for NON-CAMP uses at a very modest cost (e.g. churches, church youth groups, small groups, campus ministries, home schools, Christian schools, families).  Select the appropriate use below and place your order.

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Basic Description

  • This extraordinary curriculum is designed to strengthen the faith of Christian believers and to help them be more effective witnesses for their faith.  It covers a wide range of relevant and very important topics.  It provides teachers with a complete preparation and presentation manual.  It also offers students the option of using the material for self-instruction.
  • It was written by experts and experienced teachers in the fields of philosophy, theology, and apologetics: Dr. Richard Knopp (MA, MDiv, PhD) and Dr. Zach Breitenbach (BS, MBA, MA, PhD).
    • Rich is the Room For Doubt Program Director and Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University.
    • Zach is the Room For Doubt Associate Director and Adjunct Professor at Lincoln Christian University.

Key Features

  • Each lesson is independent of others, so you can choose whichever ones you want in whatever order you want.
  • Each lesson is versatile and designed to be used either (1) by teachers or (2) by students in a self-learning fashion.
  • Each lesson provides everything you need:
    • Detailed content outlines (with fill-in blanks).
    • “Hidden text” notes in one Microsoft Word document that provide detailed explanations and answers for the fill-in blanks. PDF’s with, and without, hidden text are also provided.
    • Links to online recommended videos and other resources.
    • Suggested activities.
    • Questions for group discussion or personal reflection (along with suggested responses).

Lesson Topics

  • Dealing With Doubt: Cultural & Biblical Reflections (available NOW)
  • Dealing With Different Types of Doubt (available NOW)
  • Dealing With Emotional Doubt (available NOW)
  • How Our Deepest Human Needs Point To Christianity (available NOW)
  • Christianity: The Ultimate Basis for Justice, Rights, and Equality (available NOW)
  • “Apologetics”… Say What? (coming soon)
  • Who Is God? (coming soon)
  • Evidence for God: The Universe Began (coming soon)
  • Evidence for God: The Design of Life and the Universe (coming soon)
  • A Moral Argument for God’s Existence (coming soon)
  • Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus (coming soon)
  • The Reliability and Authority of the Bible (coming soon)
  • Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil? (coming soon)
  • Living with Truth and Tolerance (coming soon)
  • Witnessing Made Easier: Strategies for Conversing with Unbelievers (coming soon)

As lessons are completed and new lessons are created, your acquisition of the “Strengthen Your Faith” curriculum will give you access to ALL of them. Just use the information provided after your purchase to download the new documents.

License Details

Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.